Apartman K99

Welcome to Apartment K99 - Karadjordjeva 99, Bela Crkva

Apartment K99 is located in one of the central streets of Bela Crkva, in the immediate vicinity of the Railway Park, just a few hundred meters from the first Main Lake. A quiet street without traffic offers guests peace and rest. On the other hand, it is one of the main streets of the Bela Crkva (White Church), which leads directly to the city center. Within a few minutes' walk you will find many restaurants, cafes, and on the main lake in the evening, good music and entertainment.

The yard has plenty of parking space so it provides protection for your car or motorcycle, and also offer you privacy.

At the back of the garden, guests can use a large barbecue/grill and a summer shower. Or you can just sit and enjoy the garden and peace.

We speak english.

Mluvimé česky.

Pričamo srpski i hrvatski a takodje i bosanski jezik. 

Mы говорим по-русски.

Karadjordjeva 99, Bela Crkva, Srbija



Welcome to our garden

Welcome to our apartment

Our accommodation is friendly to...


There is enough space for safe covered parking in the yard.

The Bela Crkva rally is a well-known event every year.

... pets!

In one minute you are in a park where you can walk the dog.

In five minutes you are at the first lake where you and your pet will enjoy walking around the lake. And for dogs - swimmers, there is always a place to swim :D

... cyclists!

There is a covered bicycle rack at the entrance.

Bela Crkva is located in a flat, slightly hilly area. You can reach almost every lake by bike paths, and with a little effort there is the Danube - Tisa -Danube  canal and the banks of the Danube.

And how booking see us

Lakes of Bela Crkva


Like scattered pearls, the Bela Crkva Lakes attracts visitors with its beauty. Each lake has its own specific character, some visitors come because of hidden and peaceful beaches, some like to have fun and relax, fishermen because of fish of"two meters", wind surfers and sailors like the wind, which they long for forever.... and kids, kids... please ... leave us "for 5 minutes more" at the water...

Because of the 7 lakes, Bela Crkva is called the city of lakes.


In 1904, excavation and exploitation of gravel began in the area of Bela Crkva.Artificial lakes were created by extracting gravel for industrial use.


City lake

Vračevgaj lake

Pebble lake

Carp lake

New lake

Small lake



During the summer, various sports and cultural events are held on the lakes.

Competitions (water polo), fishing competitions, motorcycle rally, concerts of various pop and rock stars, discos...

Events 2024

Culinary events

Paprikashiada- stew cooking competition in Češko selo, held at the end of August, organized by MZ Česko selo 064/4142277.

Buraziada- competition in cooking škembić in Kusić, held in the second half of September, organized by MZ Kusić 013/859-066.

Crvenačko opasuljivanje- bean cooking competition in Crvena Crkva, held at the end of September, organized by MZ Crvena Crkva 013/846-418.

Goulashyada- goulash cooking competition in Kaluđerovo, held at the beginning of September, organized by MZ Kaluđerovo 013/854-077.

Belocrkvan carnival

Carnival of flowers

23 - 29.6.2024.

It takes place in the last week of June.

Today, the carnival is a multidisciplinary manifestation and represents a combination of tourism and economy, which includes local, regional and other segments in order to promote not only the Bela Crkva(White Church) and its potential, but the entire region and beyond.

The whole city participates in the preparation of the carnival, and streets and facades are decorated for this occasion.

Moto meet

Vračevgaj lake

Date of event: July

From Friday 5.7.2024 from 4 p.m. to Sunday 7.7.2024 until 6 p.m.

The biggest sports and tourism manifestation is certainly the Moto-meeting, which occupies the most important place in the summer period, lasts three days and gathers between 500 and 1000 motorcyclists from the country and abroad, and with them several thousand visitors who love good fun and rock and roll.               Organizer: Motorcycle club Apač Bela Crkva                                       https://www.facebook.com/mkapac.apacmk                                            and Tourist organization of Bela Crkva municipality

Yugo nostalgia of Bavanište

25.5.2024 from 5 p.m

* welcome

* landing

* relay race

* handing over the baton to the other Tito and leaving with him

* socializing

8 p.m. Performance "At Tito's in Paradise"

21:30 Campfire and goat wheel

10 p.m. Concert Ex Yu

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